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About us


"Thank you for your help; you have been great to work with both on this show and with DSEi last year."
- Specialised technology manufacturer

"It has been a most enjoyable experience to work with the Cirrus team, friendliness, professionalism, client-oriented spirit, they have all the ingredients to achieve an excellent job."
-European Business Aviation Association (EBAA)

"Donna was outstanding in India as per usual."
-Global aerospace & defence supplier

About us

After managing exhibitions and media for BAE, Shelly founded Cirrus Event Management in 1995. With a network of highly skilled professionals experienced in working with the security conscious and confidential nature of many of its early clients,Cirrus quickly grew a reputation for providing highly dependable exhibition services.

Today, Cirrus Event Management specialises in delivering cost effective successful events, trade shows, exhibitions and conferences.  Why the name Cirrus?  Cirrus clouds are the high level clouds that streak across the sky, sometimes forming complete ‘sheets’.  This symbolises our approach to events. We take a high level view to ensure best practice and continuous improvements.  Our services are stand-alone yet integrate easily allowing you to receive a completely bespoke event service.

Cirrus and our clients

New clients approach us because of our reputation of providing high quality events, trade shows, exhibitions and conferences.  Our clients come back year after year as we build close relationships that add real value to the client’s sales and marketing functions.

Cirrus staff philosophy

To provide an excellent and friendly service we need staff and partners that are skilled, professional and enjoy what they do.  It is therefore important to us to offer our team a close, harmonious and flexible working environment.