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"Donna was outstanding in India as per usual."
-Global aerospace & defence supplier

"Thank you for your help; you have been great to work with both on this show and with DSEi last year."
- Specialised technology manufacturer

"It has been a most enjoyable experience to work with the Cirrus team, friendliness, professionalism, client-oriented spirit, they have all the ingredients to achieve an excellent job."
-European Business Aviation Association (EBAA)

Let me again thank you so much for the excellent support. Your team got rave reviews from our leadership for your professionalism and graciousness. You are wonderful and we always appreciate it. "
-Major U.S. Defence Contractor and Industrial Corporation

Thank you for your help over the past few months. I can’t tell you how appreciated this has been. The admin for the visitor days worked really well; something that is rare in events like ours. "
- Navy Information and Fleet Communications

Successful Events

The secret to a successful event can be elusive; no matter how experienced you are at planning and organising them. After running many successful breakfast briefings your registered delegates all of sudden fail to turn up. The exhibition or trade show where you are always inundated with visitors seemed a bit flat last year. Something has changed and you were too busy to pick up on it. Or you may have been pressured into running a conference, exhibition or trade show as ‘you have always been there’ or ‘your competitors are there’.

Events are not always researched and planned in the same detail as other business activities. You would not think of buying a new IT system or moving premises just because your competitors do. You would not dream of launching a new product or entering a new market without researching it first.

Although nobody can guarantee you a successful event, by following tried and tested project management processes you will minimise the risk of something unforeseen happening that may ruin your event.

If you want more information about what this will mean to you and your next event call us on +44 (0) 1252 310 600 or send us an email.